Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Universal Language

Have you ever heard a presentation start with "Everyone, please open your Facebook."? Probably not. I hadn't until Monday, when a few peers began their presentation.

The reaction of the students was rather shocking. No "Woo Hoos", no "Ah mans" and more importantly no "how do I do that?" or "what is Facebook?"

Facebook is just one technology tool and it was great to see it used in an educational sense. But it wasn't how it was used, rather why it was used that got me thinking. As a 21st century teacher candidate, majority of our population has a Facebook account and is Facebook literate. Facebook was chosen for this presentation for that reason. It is a common ground, and something familiar - a universal language.

Typically, coming from a physical education background, I have always thought of sport as a universal language. Any one from any country, speaking any language can pick up a ball and play. Technology has now become that ball. Anyone from any country, speaking any language can pick up a tool of technology and play.

Children can navigate iPads, cell phones and gaming systems better than they can navigate their own neighbourhoods. Technology - especially those educational technology tools are becoming more and more user friendly. All it takes is a little exploring. 

Technology is a language of the world. Whether you believe it or not - everyone understands it. (You had to navigate the technology to be able read this post!)

So don't be afraid, go ahead, pick up that ball and play!
soccer ball

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