Wednesday, January 11, 2012


When Twitter first came out I was one of those sceptics, didn't quite understand it or it's purpose. But now after having it for a few weeks I have lost all scepticism and am a complete fan. I find myself continually checking it and fascinated by the resources I have now obtained. I sometimes get caught up in the information and forget to post and share resources.
As I continue to explore, I have noticed there are two groups of users; those who use it as another social media outlet and those who are interested in networking. Originally, I thought Twitter was just another social media outlet.
Those in the first group only follow their friends and celebrities. They have conversations using Twitter and update us on their every move.
Those in the second group use it to expand their digital footprint, resume and create a global network. My view changed in discovery of the second group. It changed because of a posting saying NOW HIRING. The job is in all areas of the United States including Florida and Hawaii. This tweet wasn't even from an organization I follow, rather a retweet by OPHEA - an organization I follow. This showed me the power of networking and the opportunities it provides.
I have become a complete Twitter fanatic and advid user. (But, I still don't understand why those in group one use Twitter - does anyone really care if you're brushing your teeth right now?)

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  1. write with such passion and inspiration. Your VOICE combined with a bit of vulnerability shows a willingness to learn, to push forward and to join the 21st century learning and teaching environment. I look forward to working with you.