Wednesday, January 25, 2012


On Monday I attended a National Geographic lecture on genealogy. Dr. Spencer Wells gave a presentation on the genealogy project and his research through DNA and family generations. His research finds the latest ancestors in one's family through DNA mutations. As a total biology nerd I found this information absolutely fascinating.
Wells confirmed Darwin's theory of everyone being descendants from Africa, as well common ancestry amongst people. He was able to find migration patterns due to climate and culture and map out a genetic lineage. Essentially, Dr. Wells has presented tangible, viable evidence to theory of everyone being related.

This had me thinking of the two classes I am currently enrolled in; Technology in the Classroom and International Education.

The obvious parallel, International Education - Dr. Wells spoke of the rapid loss of culture and language amongst small indigenous tribes all over the world, and the creation of cultures through climate changes. This got me thinking of how each culture is just a branch off of one main culture. Through stories, adaptations to climate and migration culture has been transformed, defined and redefined for each specific area. This has sparked an interest within me to begin travelling more, but not just to teach and to sight see, but to experience the different cultures, the authentic cultures of the land - and to find the parallels with my culture.

The comparison to technology came for me through the whole idea of connectivity. Dr. Spencer Wells discussed everyone being connected through their genetic code and these genetic mutations identify a relative. Everyone being connected through their DNA is much like everyone in the education world being connected through technology. The computer is much like a little human body with the internet being the DNA. Through the internet we are all connected, we are all or can be related through technological educational experiences, such as Skype or Google Hang Outs. We can build a network through Twitter and Facebook, and these trends keep replicating. Just as DNA replicates and evolves, technology is continually replicating and evolving.

Dr. Spencer Wells has made groundbreaking research in terms of genealogy, the impact he has made with this information is remarkable. Just as the opportunities education has for the entire world through technology.

For more information on Dr. Spencer Wells and the Genographic Project click here

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