Thursday, January 19, 2012

International Learning

I am now taking an international education class and travelling to Africa in April for my 3rd placement. I will write about my journey through this blog to open your eyes not only to technology in the classroom, but international and alternative education opportunities! 

After class I was amazed by the amount of international knowledge shared amongst such a small group. It gave me a sense of excitement and motivation for the classes to come. Everyone has so much to offer and so much to share. The stories each of us can bring will definitely make the class very interesting. However, this also kind of clouded my judgement on the international knowledge most people possess. Sitting in a room of people with the same views and dreams as me I began to believe everyone has the international education bug - or at least the travel, explore and learn bug. But I was jolted back to reality a few days ago. Waiting in line - a long line that was not moving - ahead of me and my friends was a group of German exchange students. Being a natural social butterfly I began to talk to them and their time in Canada and why Canada, etc. These students had only been in the country for four days. But there was one particular individual that stood out. This gentleman was to put it bluntly - rude. He showed an ingnorance for learning Canadian beliefs and traditions and was accustomed to his German ways and those were the only ways he wanted to go about life. However, that wasn't it. Although he was not willing to learn - he apparently knew everything about Canada and proceeded to tell us about our laws and regulations and even some history (all of which was incorrect). 
From this experience I realized that there are some people - no matter how well traveled still have little to none international education or global perspective. To me, it doesn't make sense to go to a new place and only be willing to stick with what you know. Travel is a learning experience - probably the best one you can ever have. I know from my experiences it has definitely shaped who I am and where I am today.

This is why this class excites me and I am so interested to take it. I have done international teaching, but I have not fully learned about it in theory. I am interested to find more about it and hope that this class can then bring that much more to my experiences. I am also excited that I am so fortunate to be in a class with people full of stories and experience. 

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  1. What a fantastic post and I am so thrilled that you are willing to share this experience. To be honest, I may be living vicariously through your experience sounds wonderful.