Monday, January 30, 2012

My TPACK Journey

Throughout my Technology in the Classroom course we have been exploring the system of TPACK. TPACK refers to the pedagogy, content and knowledge associated with using technology in the classroom. In order to gain an understanding of TPACK we were exposed to SlideRocket. SlideRocket is an online presentation tool and works much like the traditionally used Powerpoint.

Attached below is My TPACK journey. This presentation includes graphics, videos and animated text. But more so exemplifies my understanding of TPACK. I have always been rather tech literate, so the actual technology itself was not something I needed to learn; I already had the knowledge of using the program. For me, this was more of an exploration of the pedagogy chosen and becoming familiar with the content. Zoe, my instructor chose the pedagogy of making this assignment self guided. She provided excellent step by step instructions for those that needed them, but made the study of TPACK essentially an independent study.

 I personally enjoyed this approach. I enjoyed working at my own pace, exploring the tool and the content. It was nice to have Zoe there for questions or to show other neat tricks SlideRocket has to offer. But the completion of the project (as with all projects in this class) are student lead. I believe this approach was chosen because when it comes to technology everyone is at different rates, all different levels of experience, understanding and how fast people can pick it up. By allowing us our own time to work on it we were spared listening to redundant instructions and able to use our time effectively. However, through Google Documents those instructions were provided. This approach is excellent in terms of its differentiated instruction.

 During this reflection, I was also able to realize the impact and everything accomplished in such a small task. Through the creation of this SlideRocket presentation I have generated and understanding of TPACK and its place in the Technology Classroom. We could have had a few dry lectures given on the theory of TPACK and created some final project, but instead we explored TPACK and the TPACK process. We were engaged and the lesson was interactive. I have an understanding of TPACK rather than a mere knowing of TPACK.

 This process brings back the age ole saying of "It's not what you teach, but how you teach!"


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