Sunday, February 12, 2012


In tech class we have been exploring a collection of the many Web 2.0 options for classroom uses. I have always used mind maps to organize my ideas when writing an essay, or as a part of a study sheet of key concepts, so I decided to explore the uses of Popplet.

Popplet is an interactive, creative mind map tool. Popplet allows you to brainstorm ideas, collaborate ideas, and visually represent ideas. Multiple students can work on one Popplet, engaging in one brainstorm and compiling a class full of ideas.

This can be a great tool to co-construct a success criteria, or a diagnostic assessment of a unit. I have created a Popplet which you can see below about other uses in a few classroom subjects.

I created a Popplet about the uses to understand the user ability of the program and simplicity of the program. It offers a tutorial as you create your first mind map and the buttons are clearly displayed about what to and how to do it. All you need is to come up with the ideas for the text!

During my first placement I was teaching persuasive writing. We were writing an essay as whole class at first. In order to organize our ideas we created a mind map to develop topic sentences and the proofs supporting those statements. 

If I were to teach that lesson again, I would use the Popplet tool. I love the collaboration aspect and that multiple students can work on this together. Individuals can create their own Popplet and then add collaborators to add more ideas.

Tying in with my EduBlog; Miss Steward's Gymnasium, I have created a popplet to incorporate my students' learning throughout the unit. This Popplet teaches the skill of collaboration, and team work while reflecting on their classroom learning. Collaboration and teamwork are commonly used skills in Physical Education. This collaborative mind map is to introduce the skill into all aspects of life, rather than merely in an athletic atmosphere.

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