Saturday, February 11, 2012

Miss Steward's Gymnasium

"They say you never know how much something means until you lose it", but I also believe in "You never know how useful something is until you try it."

This year I took on the new task of blogging. Blogging became a whole new experience, and something I quite enjoy. But on top of this experience, I was then given the task of an EduBlog.

An EduBlog is a blog that carries an educational responsibility. It acts as a resource for students, parents and teachers. A solid form of communication between the classroom, school and community. An interactive, web 2.0 tool for classroom communication both inside and outside the classroom. This process provides more opportunity for student choice, and student, parent and teacher collaboration.

I created a blog to represent my idealistic situation of being a physical education teacher. Throughout my tech class I have been constantly thinking of ways of how to integrate physical education and technology. This EduBlog role play became a source insight to me of how this could be done.

I had some difficulties with this process originally; struggled to think of content and how or what to put on the blog. I found myself taking on a different form of the role play; I took on the position of parent and of student. I thought about as the parent or the student what information would I like to see and what I would like to be informed about. From this, I took on the role of teacher and thought about how I would like to run my classroom - or gymnasium.

Despite the initial struggles, I enjoyed this assignment and resource that I have built. I find this to be an effective pedagogy in keeping everyone aware of what is going on.

Please check out Miss Steward's Gymnasium and provide any feedback or suggestions you may have to improve this resource.

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