Wednesday, December 14, 2011


This picture was taken a couple of years ago in the small town of Suchitoto, El Salvador. To me, this picture and the moment captures exemplifies how I feel about blogging. In this picture I am standing on some less than sturdy scaffolding and about to jump off. I paid 5 dollars to go zip lining, and I am afraid of heights. My harness is on and I am getting tied to the ropes and ready to jump off. However, I couldn't jump off. I froze. I was so afraid of the heights I immediately regretted signing up to do this jump. But what you don't see behind the camera is a whole group of friends-teammates-family supporting me and encouraging me to get over my fear. This zip line had two runs - going there and then coming back. Going there was the scariest time of my life, coming back was the happiest moment of my life. I conquered something I had feared for my entire life.
For me, blogging seems scary - not to the point that I will freeze, but it's something that took me a while to start. I am hesitant, but here I go, taking that jump off the shaky scaffolding. Just like the zip line, I knew I could do it because of all the support behind me. I feel like this first post is taking the first step - jumping off and going there. I know that all I need to do is take that first step and then enjoy the ride.
Although starting with this post, I still have my apprehensions about blogging - not sure what to write or if people care about what I write, but I am definitely interested in all the things it can offer and especially the integration of blogging and education. 
So bear with me as I go along in this journey, be the supportive team to help me along my way and enjoy the transformation that will come along with it!

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